An Interview With A Posh Git

GolfingImage Via Turbotoddi

Who am I?

It may interest you to know more about me as every one is interested in me.

My name is Mr Posh Git BSc MbPoshGit, but my friends refer to me as Spencer.

What do you do?

I am a highly successful entrepreneur. At the age of 24,straight out of university, I started up my own home rental company which I then expanded over five years to make myself a self made millionaire.

A classic story.

Wow, you are amazing! May i ask, how did you finance the start-up?

Well, whilst I was in university, I proudly formed a company called Dad Ltd. The concept of this company was that a tree was planted in my Natwest account which magically grew money with a no interest instant transfer.

Dad Ltd grew so powerful that I really do feel that sometimes when I’m managing my property company I’m actually working for Dad! But let’s just keep that hush.

What do you do in your spare time?

Born and bred in Chelsea, from a young age I acquired a keen taste in fine food, style and class.

Over the years of my youth I formed a small group of friends with whom I spend all my time with. My selected peer group have been selected by myself as based on the amount of their future inheritance I can be relatively certain that they don’t have AIDS or other poor man diseases.

To ensure we don’t develop the “poor man disease” we tend to sleep only with each other and rotate around our cliche group. This results in a lot of gossip which explains how we have so much to talk about as we sit with the same people for three hours everyday at various restaurants throughout the city, and also why you are not invited.

Tell me your philosophy of life?

My philosophy, which has made me the successful, Aids free, popular entrepreneur I am today is that I am a man who likes to always be in control.

I control my life, my day and my destiny. I have regular set times for my meals. I eat apples all day in between. I plan every moment of my life.

I have my life plan set in front of me and I know exactly where I’m going.

I am in control.

I have never once let myself lose control and this is why I live in fear. I fear losing my health, wealth, possessions and social circle. My life plan doesn’t even contemplate the inevitability of disease and death.

I Ignore the certainty of my 50 year limit of existence and focus instead on my mind’s projection of a perfect future which doesn’t exist.

The result? I can never let go of control and just enjoy the present moment.

I live in a bubble.