What is MamaJi’s Rant?

MamaJi’s rant is a website all about the psychology of nightlife in the UK.

To learn about the psychology of clubbers, MamaJi’s Rant will focus on:

1. Discussing the different types of clubbers.

2. Examining the interactions of clubbers.

Why was MamaJi’s Rant born?

Welcome to MamaJi’s Rant.

I am MamaJi and I work in the men’s toilets of a club in Leicester Square as a toilet attendant. My responsibilities are:

1. To shout out pointless statements such as: “no spray,no lay”.

2. To improve the perceived confidence of men by providing them with fake perfume.

3. To hand out tissues.

My reason for working in a bathroom is due to a major mistake I made in my life, which was to marry the devil. The devil divorced me and took away everything leaving me in a trailer park searching for the purpose of life. I then thought to myself…”where would be the easiest place to find my next wife?”It quickly dawned on me-clubs, and so, here I am.

From working in the toilet of a club I have been in a unique position enabling me to listen in on clubbers personal conversations and observe their progression through the night as they return for a piss.

After observing clubbers for years, I give to you the ins and outs of the psychology of clubbing In the UK.

I hope you enjoy MamaJi’s Rant, and thank you for joining me on this journey.


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Some of the posts on MamaJi’s Rant will be controversial, and may come across as quite harsh. This is as the owners of this website believe that feelings and emotions are best expressed in its rawest form, without attempts to make it kinder or softer. It is also one of the best ways to stimulate debate. Please do not be offended. It is all meant in humor and in the interest of discussion.