Uncle John

Image Via Dan

A smart man, Uncle John heads to his local book store whenever he can to have a quick dibble into his favourite books. He used to read as a child, and got a painful name of bookworm, but he didn’t care, it was his passion.

It’s his sanctuary, a place to get away from his busy life of finding a place to eat, and a place to sleep.

Because he’s homeless.

He tries not to take liberties and stay for more than half an hour at one time, but he has to be careful to avoid the book police, because if they find out he’s reading while he’s homeless, they’ll ask him to leave.

And put him back on the streets where he belongs. Because to be homeless he must have done something terrible. A drug abuser, a coke gangbanger, who threw his wife and kids on the street after he spent his mortgage on a bet on who can drink the most shots at his local, after burning his car on a drink fuelled binge whilst playing 2pac “when thugs cry” on his now sold for a bong iPod speakers.

This man is homeless, he can’t read anyway.

He’s using this place for warmth, does he deserve warmth anyway?

He’s homeless, let’s put him back on the street and ignore him, he’s a bad homeless man. Save the chair for the home full. Who deserves our warmth.


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